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Child Tax Loans Canada

How do I apply for a cash loan using my baby bonus, and what lending options are available to me?

There are many lenders out there to choose from for consumers in need of an infusion of cash. Traditional lenders, such as banks, will factor baby bonuses into your income as they assess your qualifications, but in most cases, it is unlikely that you will be granted a significant loan based on a regular CCB benefit alone. Bigger loans require strong credit. In addition, traditional lending arrangements can frequently lock clients into long-term debt. These loans are best pursued for larger investments, such as securing financing for a new home or car.

Payday loans by contrast provide immediate short-term cash loans, which can be handy for young families trying to make ends meet. However, payday loan companies have earned a dubious reputation due to the laundry list of qualifications they often require of applicants and the high interest rates that they charge.

At, we simplify the process for applicants seeking cash loans based on the income provided by government subsidies like the CCB. As long as you meet the following guidelines, can help you get a Child Benefit loan:

  • You have a fixed monthly income.
  • Said fixed monthly income is directly deposited into your account.
  • You are not currently defaulting on any Payday Loans that you may have. lender’s provide loans ranging between $1,500 and $20,000 depending upon your current income, with repayment terms of 12 to 60 months.

Child Benefits by Province

The Canada Child Benefit is just one of numerous benefits for families in Canada. Almost every province and territory offers its own payments and tax breaks for parents, which can help supplement the support families receive from the federal government.

It can get a little confusing though, as every province calculates benefits a different way. We’ve prepared a table outlining these provincial programs, so you can get an idea of how much you may be eligible to receive from your own local government:

ProvinceBenefit(s)Payments Amount(s)
AlbertaAlberta Family Employment Tax Credit (AFTC)Alberta Child Benefit (AFC)The AFTC pays up to $2,064 per year to working families based on income and the number of children.The AFC pays up to $1,128 per year for the first child and $564 per month for each additional child.
British ColumbiaBC Early Childhood Tax Benefit (BCECT)The BCECT provides up to $660 per child per year to families based on income and number of children.
New BrunswickNew Brunswick Child Tax Benefit (NBCTB)The NBCTB pays up to $249.96 per child per year to working families based on income.Low-income families may also qualify for the New Brunswick School Supplement, a once-yearly payment of $100 intended to offset the costs of buying school supplies.
NewfoundlandNewfoundland and Labrador Child Benefit (NLCB)Mother Baby Nutrition Supplement (MBNS)The NLCB pays up to $397.92 per year for the first child, with this figure scaling up to $486 per child, if the family has four or more kids.The MBNS pays $60 per month to low-income families of children under the age of one.
Northwest TerritoriesNorthwest Territories Child Benefit (NTCB)The NTCB pays up to $814.92 annually for families with one child under the age of six based on income. This figure scales up to $2,445 for families with four children, with an extra $366.96 for each additional child.For children aged six to 17, the benefit decreases to $651.96 for the first child, $1,956 for four children, and $292.92 for each additional child.
Nova ScotiaNova Scotia Child Benefit (NSCB)The NSCB pays up to $624.96 per year to low-income families with one child, to a maximum of $900 per child per year to families with three or more children.
NunavutNunavut Child Benefit (NUCB)The NUCB entitles qualifying families to $330 per child per year.Working families may also qualify for a territorial workers’ supplement, which pays $274.92 per year to one-child families and $349.92 to families with two or more children.
OntarioOntario Child Benefit (OCB)The OCB pays up to $1402.92 per child per year to qualifying families.
Prince Edward IslandN/AN/A
YukonYukon Child Benefit (YCB)The YCB pays up to $819.96 per child per year.

In combination with your federal benefits, these provincial baby bonuses may also qualify you for cash loans.


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